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A visit to the hygienist is the key to a healthy mouth and healthy body

Our dental hygienists at Bishopsgate Dental Care have an excellent reputation for providing premium dental care for our patients. They work closely with our dentists to ensure you receive the optimum results.

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As a result of our staff’s dedication and excellent service levels, we were voted “Dental Team of the Year South” and “National Dental Team of the Year” at the 2019 Dental Awards.

Our level of care never waivers, ensuring that each patient receives the attention they need, and bespoke advice to take care of and maintain their oral health.

Do I Need to See the Hygienist?

What’s the single most important way to make sure you have healthy teeth and gums? We believe it’s a visit to your dental hygienist.

A hygiene visit is one of the more affordable dental treatments available. Unfortunately, many people don’t realise they need to see the hygienist, whether to address an existing problem or potentially prevent a dental issue in the future.

Periodontal Disease is a Prevalent Issue

The majority people in the UK are affected by periodontal disease at some points in their lives.

You may have gum disease without even knowing it. Gum disease is often a silent ailment caused by the bacteria in plaque (soft sticky film), a substance that constantly forms on your teeth.

Gum disease has been linked to medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune-related conditions.

Hormones also have an effect in the mouth during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. These conditions are often seen in the mouth as an inflammatory response often before the patient is even aware of them.

Patients already diagnosed with underlying conditions are much more prevalent to periodontal disease, which emphasises that a healthy mouth is key to a healthy body.

Here’s an apt metaphor from our hygienist, Sarah:

“The mouth is the front door of the body… if you have dirt on your front door, you will trample it through the house, likewise if you have bacteria in the mouth, it can find its way into the body and compromise your general health.”

When gum disease is caught in the early stages, it is easily treated and preventable. Disease which has progressed can also be treated and stabilised.

Our highly-skilled dental hygienists are trained to diagnose gum disease and recognise other such issues as tooth decay.

At your hygiene appointment, we give you a full periodontal exam, checking the health of your gums and teeth. We will give you a bespoke treatment plan and discuss any issues of concern. Your treatment will include the removal of all bacterial deposits, removal of stains, and a home care plan for you to prevent further disease.

Please note: depending on your diagnosis, your treatment may require further appointments.

Booking Appointments is Easy

We always want dental care to feel accessible to you. When it comes to booking an appointment or consultation, it’s important to us that you have options. You can book online or call our friendly team on 0207 377 6762.

Guided Biofilm Therapy is Now Available

We are now using the premium dental hygiene treatment, guided biofilm therapy. This is an air flow technique using a fine powder with an antibacterial element. Guided biofilm therapy removes bacterial deposits above and below the gum line, and is the best way to remove staining.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

This technique is very gentle, and patients love the fresh feeling it gives the mouth. This treatment is highly advised for our Invisalign patients, as it works well around your attachments. Another reason we recommend guided biofilm therapy is that wearing aligners for 22 hours a day prevents the mouth’s natural self-cleansing function.

Please advise the reception team if you would like guided biofilm therapy, as we need a little more time and the fee is slightly higher — it’s the way forward!

We encourage our patients to see the hygienist on regular intervals, or as recommended by our team, to maintain a healthy mouth and give you confidence in smiling.

If you notice any symptoms such as: loose teeth, bleeding, sore or swollen gums, or bad breath, please see us as soon as possible. In many instances, the earlier we can detect an issue, the less treatment is required.

Happy, Healthy Smiles From Our Friendly Hygienists

Meet our super talented hygienists:

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Why Choose Bishopsgate Dental Care for Dental Hygiene Services?

It’s our job to help your teeth look better and feel healthier. We do this by removing harmful plaque and bacteria from between your teeth and gums, giving you a whole-mouth clean. Our hygienists are meticulous, and pride themselves on making your oral health as great as possible.

Next, our friendly and professional hygienists will “air polish” your teeth for that super clean feeling. Through this technique, we can naturally brighten your teeth by removing many tea, coffee, red wine, and tobacco stains.

Additionally, our hygienists can help you:

At Bishopsgate Dental Care, we offer a fantastic range of dental hygiene treatments. To find out our latest prices, special offers, and monthly maintenance plans please see our fees page.

What Our Patients Say

“Gina and her team at Bishopsgate Dental Care have been looking after my dental hygiene for over a decade. During that time, the standard of care I have received has been consistently outstanding.”

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We are known for providing our London patients with premium dental care, personalised appointments, and some of the area’s finest dental practitioners. We open our doors at 8am every weekday, and close for the day at 5pm or later. You can book online or call our friendly team on 0207 377 6762.

We look forward to providing you with an impeccable dental experience.

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