General Dentistry

Achieve healthy teeth and gums with preventative and restorative dental care

We offer you exceptional general dentistry by preventing and treating dental problems early. Your regular checkups help us resolve troublesome areas before your dental issues worsen.

Bishopsgate Dental Care

General Dental Treatments for Optimum Oral Health

Our duty as your dental team is to help you achieve a healthy smile through preventative and restorative dental care.

We believe regular check-ups are the single most important way to make sure you have healthy teeth and gums. Booking an appointment with one of our dentists is a surefire way to maintain your oral health. We start your appointment by updating your medical and dental records, and then do a comprehensive examination of your gums, teeth, soft palette, throat, and other tissues. Our team aims to impress you with our expertise and attention to detail upon each visit.

Based on your checkup, we can design a treatment plan to elevate your oral health status, or send you on your way with a healthy smile and dentist’s approval.

New Patient Examination from £98

What to Expect During Your First Visit to Our London Dental Practice

If you have scheduled your initial appointment at Bishopsgate Dental Care, you can expect an efficient appointment from some of the area’s best dental practitioners. Throughout your visit, we’ll do everything we can to make you feel at ease in our clean, comfortable, and safe environment.

Our friendly front of house staff will greet you, and ask you to fill in a detailed medical history form, to ensure every treatment we offer you accounts for any health concerns. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to voice them at any time.

A Detailed Examination at Every Check-Up

Once you are settled in the dental chair, we’ll carry out a thorough dental examination, which includes screening for oral cancer. During this exam, we check your lips, cheeks, tongue, and the roof and floor of your mouth.

Your check-up will also include X-rays, if required, and a detailed examination of your teeth. Afterwards, we’ll look at your X-rays together, discuss our findings, and point out any areas of concern. If there are teeth or gum issues, the next thing we will talk about are the treatment options that can help correct these problem areas.

Treatment Plans Tailor Made for You

Many people concern themselves with the appearance of their teeth before considering the state of their overall oral health. Giving you a great-looking, long-lasting smile with cosmetic treatments is a big part of what we do at Bishopsgate Dental Care, but aesthetic dental services need a healthy foundation.

We can help you achieve healthy teeth and gums by preventing and treating dental problems with bespoke treatment plans that suit your unique requirements. All treatment plans are tailor made specifically for you, usually on the same day as your initial examination, or at a later appointment.

You are an integral part of the treatment planning process. We can determine which dental treatments can optimise your oral health, but we need your input to decide which treatment suits your preferences and needs best. It’s our job to give you all the information you require, but you have complete control in the decision-making department.

Booking Appointments is Easy

We always want dental care to feel accessible to you. When it comes to booking an appointment or consultation, it’s important to us that you have options. You can book online or call our friendly team on 0207 377 6762.

Payment Plans are Available

When it comes to preventative maintenance, many of our patients enjoy the convenience and oral health benefits of our monthly payment plan (as well as 10 percent off fees for many dental treatments*). This fixed monthly cost makes our first-class dental care even more affordable, ensuring patients can access the services they need.

Call today on 0207 377 6762 or visit our Fee Schedule to learn more about our dental treatment costs.

* Conditions apply

What Our Patients Say

“As a health practitioner myself, I was impressed with both the standard of care and the price I paid. For me, having faith in my dentist is very important. I’m (almost) looking forward to my next visit!”

Bishopsgate Dental Care

Booking an Appointment is Easy at Bishopsgate

We are known for providing our London patients with premium dental care, personalised appointments, and some of the area’s finest dental practitioners. We open our doors at 8am every weekday, and close for the day at 5pm or later. You can book online or call our friendly team on 0207 377 6762.

We look forward to providing you with an impeccable dental experience.

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