Airpolishing is a great new hygienist treatment that quickly and effectively removes unwanted stains from the teeth to give a clean, dazzling smile in minutes. It is great for heavy smoking stains or if you’re a coffee addict!

Its also the perfect treatment to have to brighten your smile and get it sparkling again before an event such as a wedding or holiday or even just for a night out or a hot date.

An example of before and after a 20 minute Airpolish

Airpolish BeforeAirpolish After

The procedure delivers a controlled stream of compressed air, water and fine sodium bicarbonate crystals to gently remove staining caused by food, drinks, tobacco and some mouthwashes. You will immediately see and feel the difference; it will improve tooth brightness and will give you a noticeably fresh, sparkling smile.

Plus there is no contact with the teeth so it is completely painless!

Having your teeth air polished with the Air Flow system has a number of
therapeutic advantages;

  • it removes dental plaque biofilm and thereby helps prevent gum disease around natural teeth and implants.
  • It is particularly useful to have an airpolish prior to whitening or during orthodontic treatment
  • far more effective than a traditional polish
  • much more gentle process of stain removal
    doesn’t generate any heat during the procedure and there is no direct contact or pressure on the teeth
  • Air polishing is cost effective- just an extra £20 on top of a normal hygienist appointment or £45 for a 20 minute stand alone treatment
  • If you would like to find out more about Air Polishing or whether you would like to combine it with your next hygienist visit, tooth whitening or other dental restorative work, please get in touch.