New year, new you!

Alternatives for a healthier lifestyle

Is losing weight and eating more healthily one of your new year’s resolutions? Let’s be honest, it’s probably on everyone’s list! When we’re on a mission to shed some pounds we frequently reach out for fat free or low fat versions of foods we normally buy such as yogurts, sauces, juices etc. But does ‘low fat’ mean less sugar? Food manufacturers often add more sugar (or artificial sweeteners) to fat free foods to make up for the lost taste. Sugar is also known to be addictive, so the more fat free (but sugar filled) yogurts we eat, the more our bodies crave (which in turn will not be helping us trim the waist down!). Naturally, this will lead to more cavities and tooth decay as well as not achieving the weight loss goals you may be seeking.

A low-calorie, healthier alternative could be buying low fat natural Greek style yogurt and topping with pomegranate seeds (they’re naturally super sweet and highly nutritious) and a medjool date (they contain lots of fibre and have a caramel taste, which is perfect for those of us who have a sweet tooth!) or any fresh and/or dried fruits you prefer.

Make it from Scratch

Making sauces from scratch is the easiest and healthiest way to monitor what exactly you’re fuelling your body with. A lack of time is the main reason why lots of us would rather reach for supermarket, ready-made sauces, but we find that making a big batch and then freezing it, is a sensible, cost-effective and timely way of ensuring that this year we stick to our new year’s resolution without compromising our oral health.

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