Interview with Orthodontic Therapist Jennifer Nicholls

What inspired you to be an Orthodontic Therapist ?

My inspiration to get into dentistry – As a teenager I had incredibly misaligned teeth. I was a thumb sucker from a baby to the age of 13. Due to this habit I developed a very narrow upper jaw with extremely misaligned teeth. I was very self conscious of my smile. Thanks to my mother and a great family dentist I was referred to Colchester Hospital and started a course of Orthodontic treatment which took 3 years to complete. The care and expertise was amazing plus the end result, changed my life. After this experience I new that I wanted to work in the dental profession and ideally in Orthodontics.

What is your typical day to day as an Orthodontic Therapist?

I work in 3 different practices providing a mixture of NHS and private treatments, so everyday is different! I am working with all kinds of Orthodontic appliances and loads of varied cases. From an 8 year old just having their first experience of any dental treatment to a lady in her 60’s having fixed braces ready for her vow renewal or a patient who has just had a surgical exposure of an impacted canine. The day starts by checking my day list and refreshing my memory which stage each case is at. I could then be either taking impressions and photos for records, adjusting a fixed brace, bonding attachments for Invisalign or the best bit removing a fixed appliance for a patient who has been in treatment for 2yrs. Its normally a very busy day and I try my utmost to run to time to prevent keeping my patients waiting.

What is your favourite thing about being an Orthodontic Therapist?

Favourite thing about being an Orthodontic Therapist. Debond day! – The day that all the hard work put in by the patient and myself pays off, creating that beautiful smile.

What would you advise to a budding Therapist?

Attention to detail and be a perfectionist.

Orthodontic Therapist appointments in Liverpool Street

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